9 Reasons why GOGS Members have more Fun

1. Monthly newsletter ten times each year in meeting months. Omaha genealogical data, web sites, news about upcoming area conferences, workshops, ideas for expanding research, and when space is available: queries.

2. Email notification, reminders of upcoming events & activities, and the G.O.G.S. Ezine (rhymes with magazine). Nobody wants to be left out of things, but if we don’t know who you are, we can’t let you in on the latest breaking news of events, exciting genealogy news, hot web sites, “freebie” sites that may only be open a week or two, reminders of meetings & speakers, etc. (Seems like we can’t get the newsletter timed right—either we mail it early & people forget they got it, or mail it the week before & the post office gets swamped & doesn’t get it to folks until a day after the meeting…but we keep trying, and email notification helps fill in the gaps.)

3. Buy 1- get 1 free census microfilm project. A member may purchase one or two census microfilm reels of their choice each membership year and the society will match it with another one, or two, reels of the member’s choice. The reels are kept at the W. Dale Clark Library (54% and growing), building the collection so that we all find more ancestors—and we get closer to having a national caliber genealogy library in Omaha. (Additional donations are always welcome.) Some members eager to help have even gotten memberships for spouses who cares less about the family genealogy addiction so they can do more match purchases.

4. Discount off the regular price of workshops held here in Omaha when professional speakers are brought in twice a year. These are nationally known speakers and their speaker fees, transportation, lodging and meals must be provided while they are here, hence: these are workshops that have to be charged for. However, by attending both of the workshops, one saves at least the cost of membership.

5. Discount off new Omaha area publications for a brief time after their release is offered to Society members. Everybody else gets to pay full price.

6. Free classes held six times a year on a variety of primarily beginning topics from January to June. While we open these to members of the general public as well as society members, the members get to hear about them first. Pre-registration requested so we know how many handouts to prepare.

7. Tape library: these are audio tapes on a wide variety of genealogical topics such as ethnic, regional, resource topics such as wills, census, land records, etc. Taped at national conferences, these are professional genealogists presenting material that will help the listener understand things to look for in their particular area of interest. No dues money goes to support the tape library—new tapes are donated, or purchased with the fifty cents per tape rental fee. Only members are allowed to check the tapes out and we ask that they be returned the following meeting. If returned late, please pay a late fee equivalent to the amount of monthly rental fee per each tape. A member can check out 3 per month. If you lose or damage a tape, please provide funds to replace it. Current cost of a tape is $8.50 each. It’s like having your own private genealogy conference each month.

8. Mentors are available to beginners who want help in getting started or who would like encouragement. (Unfortunately, sometimes it DOES take 20 years to find out where grandma was born.) Just let us know if you would like to have a mentor and we’ll make sure you get one assigned. That person can help you in person at the library, or provide email guidance.

9. Opportunity for directed volunteer service. “Cast your bread upon the waters and it will come back buttered” also works in genealogy. If you do locally for others who can’t get here, someone at some time will do something elsewhere that will help solve your genealogy quandary. We have lots of volunteer opportunities, and if we had more volunteers, we could get even more done.