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Go and check it out. All the data on this site will slowly be moved to the new site. You will still be able to use this site for the obits and marriages. All other information is not up to date and it is recommended that you visit the new site.

Member Meetings

NOTICE:  The GOGS Board of Directors has cancelled many GOGS activities until further notice.   This includes the following:
   Membership meetings will be held via ZOOM until further notice. Members will receive invitations and further information on these meetings as necessary.

Funeral Pamphlets

Howard Hamilton was a long time Omaha historian.  He was born Dec. 5, 1934 in Wisconsin and passed away in November of 2020.  In some of his collections, were hundreds of funeral pamphlets and obituaries.  We have made an index of his funeral pamphlets along with other pamphlets that have been previously donated to W. Dale Clark Library and GOGS.  The obits are being incorporated into the obit cards down at the Library and the large obits are being put into binders alphabetically.  The funeral card index is listed below.

A revised 4-21-2021

B revised 4-21-21

C revised 4-21-21

D revised 4-21-21

E revised 4-21-21

F revised 4-21-21

G revised 4-21-21

H revised 4-21-21

I revised 4-21-21

J revised 4-21-21

K revised 4-21-21

L revised 4-21-21

M revised 4-21-21

N revised 4-21-21

O revised 4-21-21

P revised 4-21-21

Q revised 4-21-21

R revised 4-21-21

S revised 4-21-21

T revised 4-21-21

U – V revised 4-21-21

W revised 4-21-21

X – Y revised 4-21-21

Z revised 4-21-21

If you have funeral pamphlets that you would like to donate, you can bring them to a meeting or send them to:

ATTN: Karen Jackson
P.O. Box 4011
Omaha, NE 68104-0011

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Colorful “Omaha Newspapers” Chart

Now Available for Download

Society member Karen Tippets, whose microfilm extraction work is responsible for most of the almost 120,000 listings that appear on the Omaha Obits  web site, has put together and made available for download, a colorful “Omaha Newspapers” chart. This horizontal bar chart is in PDF format, and lists all 48 newspapers that have been published in Omaha since 1852 to the present. The chart also shows the years that each of the 48 papers were in publication. (Trivia: Omaha’s first newspaper, the “Western Bugle”, was in business from 1852 to 1853.)

To view or download this chart, click  Small green HERE.