Come join us…November 21, 2018

Wednesday night at 6:30 pm at the Josie Harper Methodist Nursing College at 87th & Burt.  Our speaker will be Jim James.

Presentation:  Twists, Turns, Breakthroughs and Surprises!
DNA – A Case Study
The Vessel – James Relationship
For Better or Worse……Welcome to the Family

This PowerPoint presentation takes you on a journey from first seeing a DNA Match on Ancestry and then taking it through to the surprising and enlightening conclusion. Watch and learn the techniques and methodology used as leads are explored and expanded upon using standard genealogical research, as well as some maybe not so common tricks.  Watch and learn how one can go from a match to a conclusion, and in this case an eye-opening revelation for someone who never knew many of those that had come before her.

Jim James Bio

Jim James lives in the Loess Hills south of Council Bluffs, IA. He and his wife Sally moved there in 2011 from Omaha where they both were born and raised.  Jim and Sally have been married for 46 years and have one son.  Jim retired in 2002 after a 30 year career as an investigator in the Douglas County Attorney’s Office.  Jim became interested in researching his family’s roots after sitting down with his late father in the mid-1970s and listening to stories which he recorded and later turned into a book about his father’s life as an early 1900s hustler and gambler. Interspersed in those amazing stories were snippets of his father’s early life, and from time to time mentions of relatives Jim never knew.  Like most genealogists who started years ago, Jim found his way to the local LDS Family History Center where microfilm was ordered and shipped from Utah for viewing locally.  This was time consuming and a tedious way of doing what is now instantly available through many of the on-line providers.  As a result, genealogy has seen a rebirth and renewed interest and many more people are delving into their past and discovering amazing things about amazing people.  Jim joined The Center’s Genealogy Group in Council Bluffs a few years ago. He has done 4 presentations for the group over those years, sharing with them some of the Genealogical Journeys he has embarked upon.


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